Dating After Divorce

Are you finding it difficult to transition back onto the dating scene after your divorce?

Grab this powerful crash course on how to get back out there and start dating again with confidence! 

This powerful and transformational 4-week online program will lead you to be the best new you and get you to start dating again with confidence.

Lose the insecurities that creep in after a divorce or breakup, so you can start experiencing the love, attention and the respect you deserve!

You'll walk away knowing: 

  • Where to meet great men, both locally and online
  • What's holding you back from having a successful relationship with a great man
  • Powerful techniques that draw out your inner sexy and intensify your connection with men who you really like
  • How to spot an immature man quickly, so you don’t waste your heart on someone who doesn’t deserve you in the first place

This game changing online course includes:

Module 1: Shift Your Dating Mindset

Discover the New You: This is a mindset detox so you can attract what you want to your love life. Divorces and breakups can make us feel insecure. It's time to rise up from this emotional rollercoaster!

Module 2: Become A Fearless Flirt

Dust-Off Your Dating Skills: Flirting is a learned behavior. Let me teach you the secrets of flirting and attraction because flirting is for everyone! Some say that flirting only "comes naturally" to a few and the rest of us are out of luck. Find out why there's no such thing as a "natural born" flirt and how you can charm your way through any date.

Module 3: How To Date (Online & Offline)

Dating A - Z: Let's Get Out There: With over 40 million singles in America, online dating gives you a lot of options to find that special someone. Make the best of it! We'll share with you our messaging formula to get noticed by the right men online. Plus, we'll show you how to make a smooth transition from online flirting to live dating.

Bonus Gift: Decoding Men: Confessionals From Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now (Audio Program)

Struggle understanding men? Check out what happens when real single and married men share their thoughts on love, sex, and relationships. No response is typical. In fact, everything you thought about men and dating will be turned on its head.  

What People Are Saying

I've learned from you that finding love isn't automatic and I get it now, it's how you show up! I was showing up nervous, guilty from a past divorce, and generally feeling like I was unlovable or not beautiful enough because the guys I thought I wanted didn't find me attractive so I believed it to be true. After working with you, I decided that I'm strong enough to "get back out there again" and I'm more relaxed about the process. I've begun to meditate on what I want vs what I don't want or what scares me. Thank you Michelle G. for all your great advice and coaching.

~ Lorena, San Diego, CA

Practical dating advice and reality checks. Practical homework assignments that helped me learn about myself and what to improve on. The course gave me insight into what was holding me back without even realizing it. Michelle is easy to get along with and very warm and approachable. It makes this experience non-intimidating and truly a space to grow since I know Michelle cares and is passionate about her work. I trust her advice and recommend her business after this experience.

~ Cathy, San Diego, CA



Dating After Divorce Program

$97.00 USD